What are some things guys look for in girls?

I feel like I don't have any of the qualities that guys look for.

Please help!


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  • Being honest ,here's what I look for in a girl:

    1. A pretty face (75% of first impression, 10% of overall)

    2. A nice a** (15% of first impression, 10% of overall)

    3. Nice rest of body (5% of first impression, 5% of overall)

    4. A great personality (5% of first impression, 75% of overall)

    Notice there are two categories: first impression (short run) and overall (long run).

    Obviously, this is just an approximation I came up with. Personality includes: non-smoker, doesn’t use drugs, caring, honest, loyal, fun-loving, respectful, intelligent, and down-to-earth

    Hope this helps ^_^

    • That's actually a pretty good list, though I think I'd put a nice ass at the same place and percentage as your #3. Or rather, I'd switch them. But a good list.

    • @Toban_Frost - Thank you Sir ^_^

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  • Your female, so you have many of the talents guys look for, your just not aware of them all right now, but one good one to use is the ability to say Hi to a guy and get his attention, so next time your out, walking past a guy you like etc, just say hi, as you walk past, look behind to see if he looks, if he does, just smile, he will remember you next time, and all this will ignite the confidence you need to get that guy you desire,x

  • 1. Similarity (physical, psychological and spiritual.)

    2. Proximity (long distance dating doesn't work well.)

    3. Frequency (you meet often.)

    For the rest you can figure it out on your own through normal conversation, just keep in mind that you need to have those three elements in check while you're talking.

  • Personality qualities?

    The will of being physically active and playful (not sex)

    Examples: wrestling, tickling, jumping for piggie back rides.

    I desire playful girls, it visualizes a fantasy.

  • looks

    you two should connect, so find someone like you

    he should feel good around you hence you should know how to make him feel good

    you should be open and willing to try new things

  • Hotness, intelligence, playfulness, strength (emotionally and physically), libido, bacon cooking

  • Most guys look for attractiveness, youth ,and sometimes, wealth.


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  • From my experience a good body and being easygojng