Is eye contact enough for a guy to show he likes you?

me and this old classmate used to flirt a lot and talk in class, were fond of each other, but every semester in college you see new people new friends, so I never saw him much again, except in person when were around each other bumping into one another, he is shy nervous smiles and stares into my eyes...i don't know if he still has my # or not, I lost his, and were friends on facebook, but I am interested and despite my smiling back and making eye contact, its not going anywhere and I don't have guts to ask him out nor does he I guess..hes a pretty confident guy and outgoing with many friends who are girls, so I don't know if he just isn't interested in me or he is shy only around me compared to other girls...

any viewpoint and opinion is greatly appreciated =)


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  • Yeh I think it is. The eyes are the windows to the soul. I don't know why anyone would make extended eye contact with anyone else unless they were interested-otherwise what is the point?

    • "Eyes are the window to the soul."

      That's the cheesiest thing I've heard today, lol

    • Lol, f*** you. Haha I actually thought that when I wrote it but it fit in with my answer so w/errr :)

  • no, you have to be direct with some guys and just eye contact in general is not good enough. I would flirt more and try to hang out with him, talk to him if he's shy

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