How do you get a Secretary or Administrative Job?

Any tips anyone? Especially from people who know people who have such a job or are in the field? Thanks much.


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  • I'm an Admin. Assist. and I love it. Qualifications are as follows:

    -Great customer service

    -Ability to type very quickly and accurately

    -Knowledge in Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Word and other such programs


    -Detail oriented

    A great resume, a professional attitude and professional look is what will get you far.

  • Be really nice and dress professionally! I put myself through college doing administrative work and those are the best hints I can tell you. There is nothing worse than a grouchy secretary! Yuck! Also keeping your wardrobe professional will definitely help. Overly obvious tats and piercings can discourage employers, as can underwear that show :) Flip flops are a no, no as are short skirts and too much cleavage showing. Organization and typing skills are important so make sure your resume looks good. Finally a great place to look for administrative jobs is on college campuses. They have tons of jobs and have great hours.

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