Everyone calls me "tiny" and I'm 19

So I'm 19, and I'm 4'10 1/2 and I weight like 100 pounds, so I guess I am tiny but I hate it when people say this because I feel like a little kid :(

and I also have only had 2 relationships because my height holds me back so much...and I feel like guys don't approach me because I'm just too small.

Anyone else have this problem?

Any advice?

It just makes me feel miserable because I can't change my height...I'd rather be super over weight b.c at least I can change that.

This is a very sensitive issue for me, for a year I contemplated suicide with how I felt about my height...this was about 2 years ago.

I know no one makes you feel anything, but comments, and just everything I've expienced or not expirenced b.c of my height makes me feel this way.


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  • Okay, so you are really petite. Who cares? I think that's cute.

    I would be very surprised if a guy would reject you just because of your height. It would be a much bigger issue if you were really tall.

    A lot of short guys are probably wishing for a girl like you.

    I'm 6'4" and would date a girl that small if I really liked the rest of her. Really couldn't be bothered by that.

    • Thank you that's very nice to hear

      I guess the guys I've come across most are just not into that, or maybe they think I'm too young.

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    • Well, you do know that in the Netherlands people are notoriously tall, right? I know quite a lot of tall guys that date really small girls. Maybe you should aim taller. I find that tall guys like short girls. To me, it really isn't that much of a difference if you are 4.5 feet or 5.5 feet, I have to look down anyway.

    • yeah I've heard that, I guess I'll try, I just feel like a midget next to guys that are too tall tho lol.

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  • i like tiny girls (as long as they aren't like 12 year old size) but that being said, you may qualify for Growth Hormone, just ask your doctor, I'm not sure if you're height is small enough to qualify for it, but GH works really well for getting you taller

    • I would say I'm 12 year old size, I'm only 4'10 1/2

      and that's what I'm talking about, guys just don't approach me or "like" me b.c of that. Your answer justifies that as well. Nothing against you obvs, you're just being honest.

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    • hmm..actually I might qualify...thanks so much for this.

      I just can't see myself with anyone unless I do something about my height. And I feel like it holds me back in terms of careers and stuff like that.

    • well hey just letting you know there are options out there, if you are that self-conscious about something on yourself we live in a time where we have the freedom to be able to change it

  • The problem is the combination of your age and height. I find petite women really hot. Women. The problem is that people don't look at you and see 'tiny woman, hot, fun size'. They think you're still a kid. My 11 year old is taller then you. I don't say that to be mean, I'm saying that if you have a young face, I might mistake you for someone much younger. As you get older, that will disappear. You will not look like you're 12 when you're 25. You'll look like a petite woman. And a lot of men find that really hot.

    • ugh yeah I know :(

    • The main point of my answer was to point out that ... its not a negative, its a plus ... its just BEEN a negative as a teen. But you've already lived through that. every year it will become less of a drawback and more of a plus.

    • Also- much like dutch athiest, I'm 6'3", women from 4'10" to 5'4" are all varying degrees of tiny anyway.

  • Your only solution is to stop worrying about what other people say to you. Stop letting it affect how you feel about yourself.

    • but I can't help it, and in society I feel like people don't pay attention to me because of my height, esp men.

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    • I don't know how

    • You start by accepting that you are who you are, and were created (if you believe such) by God. If you don't believe in God, realize that you are the product of billions of years of evolution. Since the beginning of time your genes have been passed on as being superior. Begin working out. Even at your height and weight, you're not fat, but you can build muscle tone. Stop listening to negative things people say about you. They're not you and don't have what you can offer.

  • Yes, you're tiny.


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  • Honestly, I think relationship problems are more a tall girl's problem. I know very few guys who would ever say "you're too short", but countless have told me I'm too tall. I'm 19 too and you have had 2 more relationships than I have. So don't worry.

    I know I'm on the other end of the spectrum, but a lot of the mentality is the same, just the opposite (tall vs short, big vs small), if you know what I mean. One thing that helps is to find a group of short girls who are around 5' or less and go out with them. Most of my closest friends are short, but I have my own separate group of tall (around 6') girl friends that I hang out with and I feel average height with them. Height is all relative.

  • Petite is cute, guys like to feel masculine around their woman and your size would definitely accomodate that. No one MAKES YOU feel anything, it's up to you how you choose to respond to their comments, regardless of how insensitive they might be. Guys have a harder time dating when they are short, not girls. And no, short and fat is not attractive, please don't wish that on yourself.

    • no I meant I'd rather be tall and huge because at least I can change my weight, with my height there's like no way out.

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    • Kheserthorpe made some good points . . . To look more 'grown up' I would focus on dressing appropriate for your age (or maybe even someone a little older than yourself) and wear makeup. That should at least help give you the appearance of someone who is a little older, vs a little younger.

    • Totally agree with this. Never had a problem dating petite girls and most girls are short compared to their boyfriends.

      If I see a hot girl with a petite body and she's interested in me, the LAST thing I'm thinking about is how she was seen at school...she looks good now!