What are some things guys look for in girls?

I am curious to know what goes through guys minds when it comes to girls.


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  • Usually its the basic, general things like, well mannered, sweet / caring etc. As far as more specific things like personality wise, every guy likes a nice personality, but what he likes for himself is what varies from guy to guy. Like there are guys who prefer quieter girls, and other guys whom like louder or more extroverted types. Some guys prefer a housewife type of girl, others have a different view. Really it depends on that particular dude.

    I say, just be who you are; you can't impress every single man, but the one you do will definitely show his interest if the feelings and attractions are mutual.


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  • Well personality wise I like when girls are loyal,have their own opinions with stubbornness and spunkyness added to the mix. A pushover is not a very fun partner to have, in my opinion. As far as her interests goes, I don't really care, I mean I'd like to have a few of the same interests to have common ground, but not too similar, since our differences makes things more interesting. Also I'd like her not to push things on me, like her religion, political view etc. I make my own mind up about that and as I won't interfere in her views, she shouldn't try to do so with mine.

    Physically though, I'm less demanding, since nothing is really a big thing for me. As long as I find her attractive, which doesn't rule out much. Red hair is a plus, but it's not a major thing.

  • Me personally?

    In No Particular Order:

    1. Compassion

    2. Intelligence

    3. Confidence

    4. Understanding

    5. Beauty

    6. Motivation

    7. Loving

    8. Caring

    9. Independence

    10. Self-esteem/self-worth

    11. Loyalty

  • Attractiveness.

  • Hook-up material = good looking; good at and enthusiastic at sex

    Girlfriend material = good looking; good and enthusiastic at sex; intelligent; good personality; preferably at least one shared interest


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  • skinny but curvy at the same time

    short but have long legs at the same time

    an ass but not a big one at the same time

    boobs but they say it doesn't matter at the same time

    personality but which guy ACTUALLY looks for that these days?

    long straight lucious hair

  • Tits and ass.

    • bingo lol, its just biological. Its instinct to look at a womans features first then her personality. If a guys balls are stimulated at site then your good. People will lie to be nice.

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