She frowned because I looked away?

Ok long story short... I like a girl but she's taken. Hence I haven't made a move on her. I think she knows that I like her. I haven't seen her in 3 months. A few day ago we saw each other on the street when I turned a corner. My heart jumped and I immediately looked away towards my friend and a second or to later looked back in her direction. She had a frowned/angry look But wasn't before. Any thoughts why she would do this?

There we signs before where she would stare at me for a long time or laugh/talk loudly when I walk past (happened rarely).


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  • Because she hates that it's not the same. You don't give her the attention you used to. Does she know how you feel about her? If not, give her a clue. So at least she knows that it wasn't something she did to offend you.


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