Guys, could these things make an otherwise attractive girl unattractive?

-Being too skinny

-Face always broken out (a lot of the time with some cystic pimples)

-Wearing too much make up to cover up acne

-Being too pale

-Blotchy uneven looking freckles on face

I'm wondering this because those are qualities I have now that I didn't have last year. Every year I've had lots of guy like me and ask me out, but now this year no guy has liked me and I'm wondering if it's because of the change I've undergone.

I think I should also mention that this is all caused by a thyroid problem. So, it doesn't exactly look normal or natural on me. See my pics to see what I mean by being too skinny. My bones are now sticking out :(


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  • yes and no... I also had pretty bad acne earlier this year, and it was really hard for me to talk to girls. they talked to me, but I was so self-conscious that I let it take me over. if there is a really nice guy who likes you for you, he will see past your exterior.. but think of this logically; you're a guy and you are looking for a girlfriend. appereance isn't the most important thing, but it is the first thing you notice. you're probably going to be looking for a good looking girl. so in that sense, I would say "yes" but if you have any guy friends who liked you anyway and aren't assholes I would say "no". sorry but that is the honest truth

    • I don't think acne really ever looks bad on guys, but I do think it looks bad on girls. I think if I was a guy I wouldn't be attracted to myself at the moment.

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    • Well, I used to be really confident in the way I looked, but so much about me has changed that I don't feel that way anymore.

    • I understand that but if you don't love yourself how could you expect anyone else to?

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  • We all go through some unattractive times in our lives. I think that at least as important as how pimples or whatever make us look physically is how they make us feel mentally. I know when I don't think I look good I am much less self-confident and outgoing and that affects the way I interact with people (or try to avoid interacting with people).

    Freckles and pale aren't really a problem--that's just the way some people's skin is. With pimples, use a warm wash cloth to clean your face every night. I don't really know how to deal with makeup, but I know when I wash my face with soaps or use too much or too strong pimple cream I will get even more break outs. The best way to deal with being too skinny is to eat healthy and exercise. Good muscle tone can help with that a lot, because being thin is not so much of an issue if you look healthy.

    • If you have hyperthyroid then you will need to treat that medically. As far as your pics, you like fine. Skinny, but not too skinny. Yeah, you could put on a few pounds and be just fine, but overall you look good. I think self-confidence is probably your main enemy right now.

    • I just started being treated for it, and the treatment won't be effective for another few months. Thanks :)

  • It depends on how bad the acne and related problems are. You don't look particularly afflicted in any of your pictures.

    I, personally, happen to really like paleness, and I know that there are lots of other guys that do too.

    Being particularly skinny can be okay sometimes. The first girl I ever had a particularly serious crush on was much skinnier than you. It made her kind of really cute, though. Your body is fine, though, I think.

    • Those pictures are very low quality, and they really don't show the acne or anything. Lately I've pretty much looked like I have an endless case of the chickenpox, and I'm not sure if how skinny I am is really that evident in those pictures. Unless you think hip bones, rips, and the spine sticking out looks ok. Thanks for answering my question though :)

  • being too skinny is DEF unattractive. and paleness isn't cute either.


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  • You look pretty normal in those pictures. Yeah, you're skinny but you don't look anorexic to me you just look like a regular skinny girl. You don't look unattractive in your pictures

    • The pictures are kind of low quality and don't show much detail lol, but thanks :)

  • urg same..the worst is when its like you hear them say "i used to like HER?!" it hurts :(

    • Omg yes. I'm pretty sure the guy I like right now was attracted to me in the beginning of the school year, but now he says he isn't, and my looks are the only things that have changed :(

  • i feel like you're me..i used to have FLAWLESS skin-a porcelain doll like. all of a sudden 2 years ago I broke out in horrible disgusting acne and I went from being looked at constantly, and asked out all the time to never. my point is, you are not alone.

    • Yeah, that's exactly how I feel except I've also lost a lot of weight and it looks kinda bad. It used to be every guy I became friends with would end up having a crush on me, and now it's the complete opposite.

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