Why doesn't this girl ever look me in the face?

So there's this girl I like and every time we talk things go smooth feels like we know each other for years but I realize that when I talk to her I look her in the face and smirking. I can't help to smirk because I really do like her but I notice she doesn't look me in the face. Every time she responds she looks down. Is that a good sign or a bad sign?


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  • I think she's shy. You can try to talk to her more. You just need to be a bit more patient. Ask her questions, go slowly. Shy girls have good memory, even if she doesn't look at you, it doesn't mean she's inattentive, she's actually very attentive!

    You can also find something to focus on, that way you both would be looking at an object instead of looking at each other eg: a movie, shopping (looking at clothes).

    Good luck!

  • One of my guy friends complained that I do this. Honestly, I only do this when I'm intimidated by someone. Usually if they're big and scary looking or just have a very dominating physical presence. I don't mean to do it, and your girl probably doesn't mean to either. It's just an instinctual thing I guess.

    • hahaha I'm not at all a big and scary looking person. I know for a fact she's shy and I try my hardest to make her feel 100% comfortable around me and she says she is but she just has the tendency to look down all the time when she talks to me.

    • Yeah if she's really shy that would do it I suppose. But remember that what you consider scary is different to what us girls consider scary. And I'm not saying that she feels uncomfortable around you or anything I'm just saying that it's an often instinctual thing for girls to feel somewhat intimidated around men, especially when they are tall/big, or even just good looking and outgoing. ESPECIALLY for shy girls.

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