Do guys like gymnast bodies?

A gymnast body is normally a shorter person with very very toned arms and very strong legs and thighs. They also have a flat stomach and are strong all around.


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  • Hell yes there's a short little gymnast girl at my school and she's smokin! she's really toned but I think its kinda hot... and she's like 5' so that's kinda weird but I still think she's pretty good looking... the problem is she's a freshman and I'm a junior so she's just to young for me.

    • Yeah I'm a junior too haha but I'm like 5'2"

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    • Yeah I bet but what ever he's probally just a litle insecure... and its obiviously not true I mean you broke up with him so he's not the one who wanted something else that was you.

    • I bet if you see him with another girl, she might look exactly like you.

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  • Well, I think Alicia Sacramone's hot. She's a gymnast.

  • Meh... I don't dislike that type. But really variety's the spice of life. What I like looking at varies from time to time depending on my moods.


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