I don't know what to wear for this event.

I am going to a music event, honoring the singer of Red Hot Chili Peppers singer, Anthony Kiedis. I don't know what to wear to it, it's in a club in Los Angeles. Usually I would know what to wear to a concert but this is like kinda a dinner/watch a few concerts type thing, I don't know if it's fancy or what. Does anyone have any ideas on anything I should wear?


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  • Rhcp's my faveriot band btw.

    I'd imagine casual, you're going to see a tribute band?

    • Hah, right on! They are the best. But no, it's going to be the actual band (Not Frusciante) but all the other members will be doing a couple songs together.

    • Just wear casual stuff, if you're going to be around rhcp fans. I'm pretty sure most of the people will be more laid back.

  • just a bit nicer than what youd usually wear, id imagine


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