Have to look after a baby for 2 hours tomorrow by myself. advice?

This is my first time ever doing so. My parents which are th childs grandparents, were supposed to look after him, but they had a prior engagement they could not get out of and for 2 hours I'm left alone to look after him.

So yeah I've never done this before, so, what's some general advice you can give me?

I've never changed a baby's diaper before, so if it ever came to that I'm not sure what to do. Could I just wait until my parents come home and deal with it, or would that be a bad idea?

the baby is 2 months old
Well it went pretty well. he cried quite a bit at first, but then I just put a blanket on him and he fell asleep for one hour, then he got fussy again and cried loudly, but all he need then was his bottle.

I didn't even have to change him. so all in all, not bad at all. thanks guys


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  • Babies are pretty easy. :) You'll be just fine for 2 hours.

    When you get there, the parents should tell you the last time he ate, slept, and was changed. They'll tell you whether you have to feed him or not. If you do, they'll give you directions on how to prepare a bottle.

    Changing a diaper is super easy. It's fairly doubtful you'll get a stinky diaper in a 2 hour span, but you'll likely get one or two pee diapers. Just feel the front of the diaper for any feeling of fullness to check for pee.

    Here's how I like to change babies. I put the baby on the changing table (or just a flat surface like the floor, if they don't have one). Then I get a new diaper and slide it underneath the baby's bottom, lifting him by his ankles. Then I take the baby's dirty diaper off and wipe the area with a baby wipe. I throw away the dirty diaper and the baby wipe. Then I just fasten the new diaper, which was already half on at that point. And since he's a baby boy, beware he might spray a little!

    Anyways, you'll probably only have to do that once, maybe twice. He'll probably sleep the rest of the time, or maybe play a bit. Here's how to tell if he's tired: if he rubs his eyes, yawns, or seems fussy for no reason. Ask his parents how he normally goes to sleep (if he goes in a crib, in a swingy chair, or goes to sleep while being held). Sometimes, a baby is so tired he doesn't know what to do, so he might cry for a while before finally falling asleep. Don't lose your patience, just step out of the room and take some deep breaths if you have to.

    If his eyes are wide open and generally seems wide awake, go ahead and play with him. Babies like when you act like a fool :) Talk to him, say nonsense words, tickle him, hold his hands and make him dance.

    But in reality, he'll most likely sleep at least half the time. And feel free to ask his parents any questions you may have.

    • Here's a trick: if he needs to go to sleep and he won't, put a pacifier in his mouth, hold him in your arms, and bounce him. It's never failed me. :)

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  • changing a diaper isn't hard- you'll figure it out. at 2 months at least the kid isn't wiggling all over the place- they are still pretty stationary at that age. that's a plus. and no, don't leave the poor kid sitting in a dirty diaper- he/she could get a rash, and that sh*t hurts. also if you leave him/her in a groady diaper, the kids going to holler his/her face off until someone does something about it. just suck it up- it's not that bad. I mean, it's bad but it's not THAT bad.

    for two hours you'll be fine. if the kid is dry and he/she is yelling, give the kid a bottle, just make sure you warm it up, but don't make it too hot. if you shake some onto your wrist and you don't feel it, it's about the right temp. if he's hungry, he'll eat. if he's not, he won't and then he's probably bored, so give him a pacifier. he can suck on that for fun. if that doesn't work, try burping him. I found this to be the best way link because it works and also you don't get puke down your back. Don't forget to have a towel handy. And support his head- see how that guy has one hand under the baby's chin? Do that.

    if the kid is dry, clean, fed, burped, and pacifier-ed, he's all set. Probably he will go to sleep. Put him in his little bouncy chair-thing, if you want. (something like this, maybe? link )

    His parents will probably bring it over, if you are lucky. turn it on and let him chill.

    or if he's a crier and you have addressed his needs, you can try walking with him or maybe he'll cry anyway. babies do that, they get bored and it's not like they can go play bar darts or something. Eating, sleeping, pooping, sucking on stuff, and crying are pretty much the only activities at their disposal.

    And don't drop him on his head. BAM- you're a baby-sitter!

  • yes, be careful with their head you have to support it all the time, if you don't change the diaper they might get a rash, changing diapers is not that hard,

    try to be calm around the baby because they sense any negative feelings and can cry

  • How old is the kid?

    • Yikes, really young.

      If the baby cries it's generally hungry or uncomfortable. Yes, you will have to change diapers if necessary because leaving it in its own filth will most likely make it cry more. The good thing is that babies that young sleep for 80% of the time. Get comfortable holding it though.

  • hold the baby┬┤s head properly

    • thats it huh? all the advice you got?

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  • well just pay attention to the baby. my nephew hates when he's not payed attention to. imagine not being able to talk and not knowing what the f*** is going on it would be nice if somebody could just smile at you so you know everything is ok

  • You should try to search on Google al lthe things you can do if you don't know how to do it

    • its already taken care of. no need

  • Get the diaper changed just before you take him, and watch carefully. Even if he poops immediately after changing, you can figure it out.

    The most important advice? Don't take your eyes off of him for a second.

    I can't stress that part enough. Never leave him lying down somewhere and then turn away for a minute. 2 months is mostly stationary, eating, crying, pooping, but you can never tell. He'll pick something up off the floor and it'll be in his mouth or up his nose before you know it.

    Talk baby talk to him, give him some toy to play with, and just keep your eyes on him. Pick him up if he needs it, but mostly he'll just sleep.

    And if he's sleeping, you STILL need to watch him.

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