How long can Chlamydia stay in remission before showing symptoms?

ONLY looking for a response from a Doctor or some that knows the answer. I researched online and found multiple answers, so please don't just look it up online and put the first thing you see! It's important for me because I want to know if I was cheated on or not.


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  • I'm a nurse, so I'm going to assume I'm okay to answer you.

    So, chlamydia will usually show up between one and three weeks after exposure- IF there are any symptoms at all. Many times (some say MOST of the time) there are no symptoms, so people don't even know they have it. If it goes untreated it can lead to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, which can mess with fertility.

    Anyway, you're trying to figure out if you got cheated on, right? Okay, here's the thing: she could have gotten chlamydia a long-ass time ago (maybe even years ago) and not known it- because many/most case are asymptomatic. So if she just went to the gyno the other day and tested positive for it through routine tests that are run anyway, then there was no way of knowing when she got it or how long she has had it. BUT if she started showing symptoms recently then I would say that her exposure happened one to three weeks ago. Do you see what I mean? If she's asymptomatic then there's no way of knowing when she got it. If she IS showing symptoms, then she was exposed recently. Chlamydia isn't like herpes where you can have it for a long time and then have an outbreak and then it goes dormant again for a while. Chlamydia is a bacteria- it's either active (but possibly silent) or it's not there.

    I hope I'm explaining this right, I don't want to get anyone "in trouble". The good news is that Chlamydia is easily fixed- antibiotics will kill it and then you're good. Probably azithromycin, or erythromycin- those are the ones I have seen prescribed. They work on all kinds of infections.

    So, good luck.

    • Thank you, this is exactly the kind of info I was looking for; I appreciate it.

      Is it possible to receive a false positive test result 4 weeks after exposure to chlamydia? I'm only asking if it's possible, not if it's likely...I understand that it's probably HIGHLY unlikely.

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    • I don't carry out the testing procedures- at most I collect the samples and send them to the lab, so what I'm about to tell you is just bare bones basics. ANY lab test can be skewed. Samples can be contaminated or the tests can be done wrong- someone leaves out a step or whatever. False pos and false negs happen. The more serious the reason for the test, the more likely it becomes that the test will be run twice to make sure. PROBABLY a chlamydia test was not run twice.

    • I don't know where the test was done- a doc's office or the health department or whatever. But I will say yes, it IS possible to get a false result either way. The culture tests are (I think) the most accurate but they are also the most expensive, take the most time, and are the "hardest" to do. Bottom line:if you're trying to figure out if she cheated,I think after all the science is said and done, you will have to go with your gut. Because she can't prove she didn't and you can't prove she did.

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  • I think you shouldn't be asking that here

    • What's the point of answering the guy's question then?

  • then why don't you ask a real doctor instead of asking a forum?

    • an excellent question. QA, you can find out at the Health Department.

    • I already have and want to find out more details to be 100% whether or not my girlfriend cheated. I assumed there would be at least one person that practices medicine that uses this site, and I was right. What's the point of answering my question with a question? Why not just move on?

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  • are you retarded? go to your gp and get some antibiotics, christ f***in block head. hey its your d*** not mine

    • R you kidding me right now? I already have...I'm just trying to figure out from dates of exposure whether or not it's 100% that my girlfriend cheated on me. Get a fking life man; there's no reason to insult any one on this website bro. You have no idea who I am, just as I have no idea who you r. I am assumed that there would be at least one person that is a practitioner that uses the site, and I was right. Fk off.

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    • i didn't wait for any thing. I was seen, treated, asked questions, and no longer have chlamydia...just wanted to go into further detail to find am I doing wasting my time like this..bye.

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