Which do you prefer?

Someone who is not that attractive, has a good personality, smart, and for sure she's a keeper...


a Hottie, drop-dead gorgeous, everything you've ever imagined, the only problem is he/she sleeps with almost anyone behind your back...

which one? and why?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I found myself to be attracted to some plain looking girls who dress pretty down. I am very out going, I step into a bar by myself and can walk out arm-in-arm with new friends. A girl I met in college (the first girl) was hot, drop dead gorgeous, smart, good personality, and for sure a keeper...only problem was she slept around...and she was engaged. I liked her, a really nice girl, and a lot of fun but I couldn't be a part of that.

    I want to know that girl is mine and not share her with anyone else. Because everything I have to give is for her and only her. I have played 'does she love me?' with my mother growing up, I don't want to do that to the one women I would love.

    • Aww.. too bad.. finding a decent girl may be hard to find these days =P... LOLz

      yeah, we all want a partner who would be yours and no one else's... one you love and one who could love you back... =)

What Girls Said 1

  • Honestly neither. If I am not attracted to the person at all I wouldn't date them, but I wouldn't date a hot person who was a ho either. But if I was forced to choose it would be the unattractive keeper.

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