Why are men so confusing?

So this guy at work is so confusing. I keep seeing him around a lot more recently. And he seems to look my direction an awful lot (can't help but look his direction lol). He will also look me in the eye when he sees it and occasionally hold the gaze. He won't make a move to talk, and looks away if I smile at him. What gives?


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  • You think men are confusing? Girl, you need to understand how confusing girls are. Your minds are very complex, and your body is even more mysterious. I don't think researchers will ever be able to find all the info capable of knowing about girls. There is just too much, and it's too complex.

    • Yes the mysteries of the opposite sex will always stump us. I suppose I am trying to figure out if I need to give up completely on the guy or if I just have to deal with his shyness for a while

    • There is nothing bad, wrong, weird, or anything like that about you approaching him. It's the fastest and most effective way to find out if he actually likes you, and for him to open up if he does like you. If you have an interest in him, or would like to give him a try, then go start a simple conversation with him that's related to work. Then, move to something more personal, but not too personal. Have it still relate to something with work.

    • I have though and all he did was bite his lips together...

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  • He's probably shy or socially awkward. I seriously doubt he's playing mind games with you. If you like him, why do you approach him?

    For the record, it's women who are confusing, not men. Guys are very straight-forward. Everyone knows that.

    • I assume you mean why don't I approach him? As stated the fact taht he looks a way and once frowned when I smiled at him kinda throwns me off. Also I am so horridly nervous around him (quite odd for me) that I haven't had any luck in it.

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    • OK, well maybe he is just a jerk then.

    • No he doesn't seem to be from his interactions with other people. And a jerk doesn't let you cut in front to clock in so you won't be late without even asking if you can.

  • hes not playing mind games like that other girl said. he's either shy or nervous.

    • don't know why. I mean he could get any girl he wanted and I'm just a slightly frumpy big chick.

    • maybe he has a thing for slightly frumpy big chicks.

    • perhaps, but he's like a 9 and I'm like a 6

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  • Men aren't confusing at all.Women are the most complex.Men are pretty straight forward.

    So maybe he is looking at you...either he is:

    *Painfully shy

    *Doesn't want to make things awkward with work relationships

    *There might be someone else in the picture

    So,this situation isn't difficult at all.You know nothing about him I'm assuming,you're just looking at each other.If you want to find out more about him,its imperative to TALK and see what's what.Otherwise,nothing is really confusing.The notion of that is just an illusion.

    • Well I have tried to move it forward and like I said when I smiled at him he frowned and looked away, but then he upped the eye contact the next day? And he seems to be hanging out in my areas a bit more.

    • I don't know what else to say other than what I have said.Either just keep looking at each other,or find out what the deal is...that's it.Simple.

  • He keeps playing games with you. You should find a guy that doesn't believe in mind games.

    • Or perhaps he is quite shy. I haven't actually seen him talk to a female other than his boss.