How to look a little bit better that usual without seeming like I'm tying to hard??

So people consider me very attractive and pretty ( I don't agree) anyways I don't take much care of myself, I don't do my nails, I don't wear make up among other stuff, I don't do it because I'm lazy and because it puts even more attention on me, and to much is to much. I don't know when I put make up I look better but It makes me look to pretty it seems like I'm trying really hard or when I try to dress up because of my body type everything looks too slutty or sexy.

I know my complains don't make much sense but I wanted to look better than normal, without being to much.

Every time I try to dress cute, and wear make up I turn to much heads and it seems like I tried really hard, like for one party my mom forced me to wear make up and do my hair properly and do my nails all all those stuff, and at the party everyone one kept staring at me and compliment me it made me feel uncomfortable and embarrassed, I didn't do that much but it seems like every little thing I do it creates a big impact because usually I don't do much at all.

I have a dinner today and my crush is gonna be there I want to look cute

( Well probably going to receive loads of hate I sound really cocky and coincided I know)


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  • No hate here, you are just like a lot of girls. When you dress up, it's like you are on display in a museum or something, especially when you don't usually try so much to look 'perfect.'

    I'd go with a different outfit, but one that doesn't show you off that much. Maxi dresses come to mind. You'll be covered up, but still you'll no doubt look alluring.

    Don't do the contrasting accessories or electric color approach; Don't have your hair done up or shine with anything else 'dressy.' that would attract all the attention you'd like to avoid.

    But it sounds like you'd still look cute. Hopefully, mostly to him.


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  • Get used to turning heads.stop being ashamed or reluctant to being pretty and just own it!

    do a neutral natural looking makeup. Wear you're hair in it's natural texture, just make it look sleek and styled.

    wear a cute slightly conservative outfit in neutral colors that suit your complexion

    Wear simple jewelry

  • I think you need to find a balance, you might go from like sweats to a dress. Find something in between. Put make up on but make it look more natural, find clothes that are fitting but not a drastic change from your usual ones. After a while you will get over the embarrassment.

  • if you do your make up right it won't make you stand out more, just go for a fresh look

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