Am I crazy or not normal?

I am single and a Virgin. I never was involved with any boyfriends (because it's not allowed in my religion) I am used to not contacting boys at all..

But now.. I feel I am a psycho/ obsessive. Because for example, if I see a "good looking" guy (not talk to him), I get obsessed with him by looking up his info online again and agian. But, as time passes and I don't see him again, I get over it. Then some other time in my life if I see another guy, I look him up online, and the cycle continues.

I am not doing any harm to anyone. I just am always curious. Am I a creep or not normal? Would people ignore me?


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  • It is normal. You are incredibly repressed. The more exposure and conversation you have with guys, each good looking guy will become less and less significant.

    I used to be really shy with girls so I was repressed that way. Any girl that would even look in my direction, I would do all that stuff you did. Then I started talking to them more and dating, and before I know it I'm forgetting to call a girl once in a while.

    Short of the story: if you feel like you're going crazy because of the lack of men in your life, maybe whatever you've been doing so far hasn't been working (not allowed to contact boys). You are a grown adult, you can do what you wish.


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  • It's not crazy to get lonely sometimes, but when you've been too disconnected from the opposite sex you might do crazy things. Checking out someone's FaceBook isn't crazy, but falling in love with someone off a look without ever speaking to them is a bit off. I'd say you need to give guys a try and start working on that boyfeind/sex package, that religious barrier is something I can't help you with. You'll have to take that up with god.


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  • Not crazy just sex-deprived. If you want sex, go get it

    • if she can't even have a boyfriend because of her religion, what makes you think she can have sex? Or were you not paying attention?

    • Chill. You don't need a boyfriend for sex

    • You're entirely missing the point of what I'm saying.