Guy knows I like him, but he doesn't make a move?

Here's the thing this guy is cute and popular in college. I got caught staring first time after I ignore what he said to me 30 min prior. Anyways, he smirks at me constantly after that and just keeps looking at me 5-8 secs even after I stop. So he knows I find him attractive. Then I got staring another 2 times and then he looks back like.. was she just looking at me again and keeps looking after I stop looking. I know I'm so fail. Then after another awkward stare moment... I wasn't even staring actually just glancing across the room and he was there and noticed me looking. Then, 2-3 times after (each different times) he stares me down in the elevator, hallway and then I get caught staring again for the love of god I don't know why he keeps catching me I'm good at sneaking looks usually. He notices me looking and stares into my eyes deeply until I stop and then he goes on his way. I tried saying something to him when he was talking to my friend (standing beside me) and then he had a short response and DIDN'T EVEN LOOK AT ME and diverted his eyes. Next week we both share mutual eye contact in the hallways again wtf. He's not shy, a good public speaker and a flirt from what I've seen. Does he really dislike me that much? lol


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  • You say he is popular...that may mean that you have some competition. So you shouldn't invest everything in him because he is popular. Good to keep your own eyes open and not just focused in his direction, if you know what I mean.

    I think he sees you as a curiosity and a mystery...that't not necessarily a bad thing...could be good since it gets his attention. He's probably trying to study you to see if he can figure something out. Don't assume he knows what you think. No wise guy ever tries to assume he can read a girl. Most of us give up and assume girls are weird.


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  • I don't think he dislikes you but he knows you are interested and he's is not if he only looks at you