Girls: do you mind getting picked up playfully by guys?

1st question: Ok would you be cool if a guy lifts you up (kind of high) , like by your legs, in a playful way and puts you down ?

2nd question: Ok say you come to your friend boy's house looking all cute for a pool party but your not planning on going in the pool but you don't tell him this and he throws you in the pool playfully? Would you get angry because like your hair got messed up or will you not care? Because I get pretty p*ssed when some girls are so obsessed with looking cute that even if the person they may like throws them in the pool they'll get p*ssed because it messed up their looks or clothes.


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  • i wouldn't mind, though id rather get picked up princess style or thrown over the shoulder and he jumps in with me, he doesn't just throw me.

    • Yea I meant like that

    • "Princess style"? What's that? Is that like being picked up 'caveman style'?

    • You know like in princess movies? one hand on the girls back one holding her knees, and her arms around your neck. I love when guys pick me up like that. NOT CAVEMAN STYLE

  • well I wouldn't mind the first one but I would kinda be upset if you threw me in the pool after I got all pretty for you, but thts just me.


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