He doesn't know me, but he thinks I'm crazy

I have no idea why this guy looks at me like I am insane. every time I have ever talked to him (he doesn't speak or answer me), or been talking near him at work he looks at me with a "you are cray cray" look. But when we see each other across the room he gives me lots of eye contact. WTF?

I should mention it's not in an appealing looking why. it's the brow furrowed one eye brow cocked kinda way. sigh.
Also ineresting that only girls are answering.


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  • This question made me giggle. I know exactly what you mean. I think it's him, not you.

    This actually happened to me when I was working. I was ringing up a customer's items and his face had that wide-eyed suspicious look that made me wonder if there was something on my face. Well, he later asked, "you're so pleasant; how do you keep up with that all day?" I was so relieved that he didn't think I was super weird! It was a nice compliment.

    So, maybe you're behaving in a way that is striking, and he is handling it weirdly. ;)

    • Re: update: Some guys think that look is funny/in "style" to do. It just makes them look silly. He might be trying to make you laugh.

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  • You strike him has interesting.

    Maybe your crazy in a appealing way?

    Whatever it is, you have his full attention.

  • I think its something more of him than you, I sometimes stare at people like I'm mad at them and I don't notice it.

  • let him think whatever he pleases

  • Maybe that's just the way his face looks.

  • If it bothers you enough to ask a question about HERE,then why don't you just ask HIM about it?Otherwise,there is no real reason to complain if you won't address it.

    • Well if you read my question he doesn't answer when I talk to him.

    • Then DON'T talk to him unless its work related.I don't really see the problem here.

      AND furthermore,I stand by my initial response.Take care of it like an adult,or there is no reason to complain. -_-

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