Men how annoying is it when a girl can't...

take a compliment without denying it. Do you guys try to "convince" her she looks gorgeous or just drop it ?

-Oh blabla you look so beautiful today...

-not at all, I look horrible...

Ladies, why is it so hard to say "thanks" and shut up? It can't be that you are really THAT insecure in yourself. So what is it?

Im just trying to understand why some people out there (women specially) always pretend to look down on themselves.


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  • I used to get annoyed at them, but I learned to flip it on them completely.


    Said with a smile - "You look fantastic!"

    She tries to dismiss it in someway "No I don't"

    Said deadly serious "Are you calling me a liar?"

    The emotional 180 tends to throw them for a loop.


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  • Yes it is extremely annoying. It's just like "hey, yer looking hot today"

    "like oh em gee no I don't I look so ugly."

    Then it's just kind like yeah okay then you're ugly, f*** off.

  • Extremely annoying

    I don't even get how the hell beautiful women can be THAT insecure while average / ugly men who look like sh*t can be so overconfident thinking they're a God's gift?

    It's so backwards!

    You heard what she said, ladies - just say "Thank you!" and that's it - deal with your insecurities yourself, we don't want to be a part of it!

    Sounds mean but there's some sh*t we can't fix in your place, no matter how much we'd like to!

    • lmao "we don't want to be part of it" perfect ! Even between girls. Ill say something like "omg I like how you did your hair today" and my friends response "it looks like sh1t today. What are you talking about?"

      Bitch you're right, it looks like you've been dragged by the hair for a few miles...

  • So much annoying. Especially if its obvious.

    Like telling a smoking hot girl she's 10/10 would bang and she says she's ugly. Like... there's no way you look in the mirror and think that. Obv not exact words.

    Someone avg I'd be more forgiving.

    • "Would bang"? Your pick-up lanes are so damn good, gosh!

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    • So do you try to "convince" them that they are smoking hot ? or you just walk away and pretend someone called you ?

    • Totally depends on the level of care I have for the person.

  • Girls aren't insecure when you compliment them. They just get it alot, and they don't need it from random people. Compliments are usually veiled attempts at coaxing and thus suspect.

    In general, if you get complimented you shouldn't publicly agree with the compliment. It makes you look pompous. This APPLIES for men and women.

    For example:

    You look so pretty today.

    Thanks, but I know I'm pretty.

    =x=x= it's true, but she can't say that

    You look so pretty today.

    Thanks, but I'm not that pretty

    =x=x= makes her look humble, therefore more acceptable.

    You either don't get complimented alot, or you can't think in social terms if you don't empathize in this situation.

    • "Thanks I'm not that pretty" that right there it's wrong. It's like putting yourself down.

      What's so wrong of just saying "thank you"

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  • i understand its annoying. what if we genuinely believe that of ourselves? I don't do what you mentioned above tho. like if I get called beautiful, I won't say I look ugly, but I tend to pause a little bit before saying thank u. I'm not really insecure, like what I have will do, but I guess I do put myself up against the idea of what's beautiful these days and I don't quite measure up, you know?

    would a guy get annoyed if I explained it like that? or do they think I'm lying? I'm jus tellin you the honest truth. like I don't think I'm ugly but I don't think I'm beautiful either. that's why I hesitate a little when I do get a compliment. like I appreciate it so much but I don't believe the same of myself you know?

    • Beauty it's confidence. Some days we all feel better looking than others but never deny a compliment. And never fish for one either.

      What is beauty according to you? Does it involve surgery? I mean you can't expect for everyone to look the same.

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    • But that's where you're wrong. Flawless? As in little porcelain dolls? Everyone has that "something" that makes them look great. Once you discover that "something" you just start to base your look off of that.

      For example if you have amazing hair then you try to have your hair look best. Everything else falls into place.


    • Hmm I guess so. Ill try that, thnx:)

  • Girls are accused of being conceited if they accept a compliment. Denying a compliment is supposed to make them look humble and make the other girls feel better.

    Me? I say thank you. Who cares if anyone thinks I'm a conceited bitch? Even if I don't believe them deep down, I let them know I appreciate the ego-stroking. Lmao.

    • Everyone gets an egoboost once in a while xD

      No one thinks you're conceited if you didn't ask for the compliment in the first place

    • Jelly irrational haters do. ;) <3 But yay, I'm glad you know what I mean.

  • just don't pay attention to it

  • its not hard, I say thanks and blush ahha

  • who cares? some don't accept it and that's because of issues they have about themselves

  • I don't think they're "pretending" to look down on themselves, I think people that do that usually do feel bad about themselves, for one reason or another.

    I know what you mean though, because it is annoying and it's actually kind of rude not to say "thank you". There's a guy here on GAG who constantly gripes about how unlucky he is with women and how's it's because he's so ugly. Twice, I've told him I thought he was good looking so I didn't understand why he thought that, and both times he just replied, "No, I'm definitely not good looking." No thank you or anything. My immediate thought was, "NOW I know what the problem is and NOW I know why others don't compliment you." It's annoying when people are THAT "woe is me", it just makes me want to say "BOO HOO!"