Hair color and style for Asian girl?

I'm Asian with a round face. I have never changed my hair color because I never thought any other color other than my natural dark brown/black would look good. I've had side-swept bangs with deep side part for 8 years and I'm really bored of it. The only changes I've made was perming it.

I'm really bored with my hairstyle... So.. Any suggestions on what color and cut would look good on a round-faced Asian girl?


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  • For the haircolor, if you want to go with a more natural look try brown, and if you want a bigger change try blond. The most important thing is to go with the warmer shades of any color that you choose, because it will make your skin look warmer and more alive, something like these: link link

    I think you should keep your bangs. If you want a more dramatic change try a messy bob link or if you want to keep your length try something like this link

    Hope I helped! :)


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  • I hear round faces do well with styles that have volume on top. Have you considered layers to add that, with an off-center part? Is your hair straight or wavy? I have wavy hair and love my layers.

    As for colors, you have a lot of options. First, are you a warm or cool skin tone? You can check on . You can use a temporary or semi-permanent dye to add a tint to your hair (blue, purple or red might look really cool). Henna is great for orangey red tints (see Lush's henna bars).

    If you want to lighten your hair, be really careful, as it can make your hair fall out. I would get it done professionally or do the ombré look (bottom half of your hair is a shade or two lighter, google "ombre hair).

    Hope that helps!

  • Get layers and get carmel/copper highlights

  • do you hair like the girl from gentleman of psy videos, the short bob, its pretty

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