Guys - why do you do that?

I'm not speaking to the guy I like because he really hurt my feelings. We both happen to go and hang out at a local bar alone. I was minding my own business when I could feel him staring. I would try and watch the TVs above to keep occupied. I'd quickly look over and see that he was staring and quickly looked away. He did this at least 3 times. Obviously he may have been looking while I wasn't. We're both too shy to talk, him especially. I don't think he'll ever have the guts to ask what's wrong, much less apologize.

But why do you stare at a girl and then look away quickly? Why don't you want her to know that you were looking? Is it admitting that you want her or something?


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  • Ummm...I'm confused.How did he hurt your feelings?How old are you?

    He did NOTHING wrong to you from what you indicate here.So what he was looking at you,not looking at you...blah,blah.Maybe he is shy.Either way,he hasn't DONE anything wrong to you.And if your feelings are hurt because he isn't being as aggressive as you want,then maybe you should step up and speak to him.Becoming angry at him for something so trivial in my opinion is quite immature...and simply doesn't make ANY sense.-_-

    • We have known each other for quite some time. I didn't mention it but he indeed did something. I think he realized days later and rather than text me, he sent me silly meme pics. I didn't respond to those either. I think he knows I'm upset yet obviously can't quite say sorry. Yet there he was staring. I NEVER get upset so naturally, this come as a surprise. I think he just doesn't know quite what to do.

    • When asking a question here,it is imperative to actually give IMPORTANT information like what you are NOW saying...otherwise,theres no point in anyone responding because they are responding under partial information.With that said,I've losy interest in this question...but good luck.

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  • You need to speak up. We aren't psychic and don't know when you're upset about something, especially if it's something we can't fix. If we can fix it, tell us, but if you know for a fact we can't, try to get over it with him...we don't want to deal with something we can't fix

    • There were 2 things he staid via text that were cruel. They were jealousy based and immature. I was so crushed by them thy I said nothing. I can't even tell if he was joking. Days later, he sent me some silly pics. I'm assuming they were for me to start talking agin as he was obviously too afraid to mention it or didn't want to scar his ego by apologizing.the only thing that can be "fixed" is if he clarifies what he said & if he meant it. Yet he won't even try to approach me which is enfuriating

    • I don't need to know the problem...tell him, I'm not the guy you like. I'm just telling you what you should do

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  • Men and women are the same just with different logic. What if he felt just as bad as you did right now asking the same question, why do women do this? When a guy stares at you it's interested I assume, but when you look away quickly you give a "I'm not interested vibe" next time he looks at you, smile back or even initiate conversations first.

    • I think I still need a cooling down period. If he approached me to say hello. Ask me how I'm doing. Anything, I'd feel better. I'm such an understanding happy-go-lucky person that hardly ever gets upset. Unfortunately, that has led to being treated with disregard. His actions were unacceptable and for the first time, I am upset and am showing him. I'm sure he's oblivious and wondering why, which of course frustrates me.

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    • Guys don't like confrontation, could be because he is scared. He doesn't know what level of mad you are. And you said that you are both shy and non-confrontational that needs to change if you want to relationship to grow and develop. It's not you and it's not him, ti's both of you. Both of you need to understand each other. I would say cool down and then talk to him and say it can't happen like this if we still want this to last. Because eventually it wont.

    • We are not together. We have been flirting and pulling at each pter for a long lOng time. I have to think things through. I don't even know what to say or how to say it. I'm petrified and how you explained it, I guess, so is he.

  • tell him what you feel about what he did.

    • I think I need more time. I know this stupid but I want to see if he will at least try.