She becomes jealous when you start looking for other girls?

What does it mean when a girl that you want to have a relationship with you says she doesn't but then becomes jealous when you start looking for other girls?

  • She wants to keep her options open.
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  • She doesn't want a relationship at this point.
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  • She just wants to use you for sex and/or emotional support. Seeing that you are looking for someone else would hinder than option of her using you.
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  • She is confused, doesn't know what she wants.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Whether she lies about her interest in you is not as important as the fact that she is jeolous. Those who suffer from a poor sense of self-worth (i.e. insecure) tend to get jeolous easily. Also, they tend to use lies to boast their poor self-esteem up. Those who are confidence in themselves don't need to do that. A yes is a yes, a no is a no. In my opinion, the important question is, "Do I want to hang around a woman who, even without an intimate relationship, is getting jeolous ? What would she be like should I enter an intimate relationship with her ? "

    • I see where your getting at, but I didn't mention that I did have a intimate moment with her, rather quick and I don't speculate that it was my performance or anything and so I could see where she is coming from but the confusing thing is she said this after she told me that I need to move on. So I am having a hard time believing her words. Even to this moment her actions say something else.

    • Ask her point blank questions, WHYs. See if she dares to tell you the truth. My guess with a situation like this is ---- right from the beginning she is using you, the question is, for what ? Possibilities : 1. a player 2. to fill a temp. gap 3. for variety . She is confusing because she is squirming, and afraid to tell that she is a manipulator, because deep inside she knows it is wrong, i.e. she can't face her own conscience.

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What Girls Said 5

  • aw I see
    well that means that she wants to be with you then
    it's an inconvenient time and place. it's not the right timing for her, or stage in her life
    in that case
    she's seeing if you are willing to committ and take her seriously...she definitely likes you

  • well if it happened in a short span of time, she might be hurt that one second you want to be with her, and the next you're with someone else.

  • Honestly I think she's poison and if she says she doesn't like you, move on. She's only going to hold you back. It means she doesn't want you but she wants the CONTROL over you. There's nothing a lot of women love more than for a loyal man to be devoted to her. Even if she doesn't like him back. It's the Woman Ego. Seriously you can do better. Just forget about her romantically.

  • This would be because most girls believe in exclusive relationships and only have one love at a given time. If a guy asks a girl out and is rejected, she would expect the guy to wait for her to see the light, and therefore, seeing the guy with another girl, she would be hurt because she would not be the only one. She would be backup! It's extremely hurtful to feel as though you didn't matter enough to him to bother to convince, etc.

    • I've tried so many times and waited so long and I don't think she really wants one. I have told her how I feel, so it's not that. She even told me I need to move on before she told me she would be jealous. Confusing???

    • Yeah she just likes it when guys like her.

  • I would say she might really like you or be interested, but possibly isn't ready for a relationship right now. If she isn't dating anyone it is a good sign she probably likes you. just get to be really good friends with her and if you do date it will make things between you way stronger.

    • We were casually dating for a while and had somethings going on but I wanted more, she didn't and now she wants none at the moment but her actions say something else. But she did tell me that I should move on and if something happens between us then it happens otherwise we can be friends. The thing is she said I would feel jealous after saying all that..

What Guys Said 1

  • In an ideal world what authentic has said is true, but even the most confident of people get a little jealous.
    The truth of the matter is she is jealous because she wants you to only like her, because she knows that's the begining of losing you as her puppy dog. As the new relationship blossoms u'll eventually care less about what she is up to.
    What I would do is tell her "i don't know why you getting jealous what do you want..."

    • "...because she knows that's the begining of losing you as her puppy dog." Insightful. Meaning, she is afraid of lossing. Meaning, she may be a people-user, kind of "it is handy to have him around if I ever needs him to fix the light bulb...etc". Confident, high calibre people don't engage in this line of thinking. They say, "I can fix the light bulb myself, I don't need to stock up people, calling them as 'my friends' in case I need to use them somewhere down the line " :)

    • Yeah certainly but the majority of people are not that confident..

      and certainly most women who may be good women are not that confident.

      If you know game theory people choose what has the best outcome for them.. Outcome meaning future. Therefore having someone that truly loves you on the side its always a good thing.

    • True, the majority of people has plenty of fear inside them, and few know how to resolve those fears at the root level.

      I did game theory from an Economics perspective (e.g. zero sum game). Interesting to put it into a human relationship context. A critical element in what you pointed out is -- a person's awareness level; when they attempt to choose what has the "best" outcome for them. Back to square one, "what do I want ?", "what is best for me ?" different awareness level >>different ans.