I don't know what to do ):

Does anybody relate to the feeling I'm feeling ? There's this guy my heart tells me he likes me..but then my brain tells me "come on, get real" I feel like my looks are stopping guys from liking me. When really it's my perception of my looks. Every guy I like I don't tell them I like them because I already plan everything out in my head "I'll tell him I like him then he'll be like ew and walk away". I just don't know what to do. :/ Go with my heart or my head?


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  • Don't tell him that you like him... yet.

    What you want to do is go out with this guy more. Just the two of you. Occasionally invite some friends but often it should just be the two of you. Now you don't even have to make anything official; no need to get caught up in labels. Treat this guy like he's your boyfriend, and if he's interested in you, he'll treat you like you're his girlfriend. Us guys are pretty easy to read actually, (and I think it's harder to understand you girls), so you'll know when to say that you like him.

    • Problem is..I don't know how to hang out with him, yaknow? I can't just be like "Hey lets go to the movies!" I'm way too..shy to do that! I don't know any subtle way to ask him to hang out, heh. :/

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    • Hmmm well I'll try this tomorrow. Wish me luck >:

    • Even better, break a leg. ;)

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  • The dead honest truth in almost any situation is that looks are just a first impression, if you can show your personality through conversation and such, he will look at that and nothing else. Anyone can make themself look good, but no one can change their personality.

    So, to answer your question =P, quit worrying about your looks...im sure your a great looking person. Having said that, once you agree with it you can move forward and concentrate on what really matters, the inside. I know its cliche but its definitely true.

  • Go with your heart. Looks really aren't everything, because some people would rather settle for a great personality versus looks. What you look like doesn't define WHO YOU ARE. It's what you feel, and who you are, that does : )


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