Do you think this guy thought I was teasing him?

Because he got demoted? Before you read, this man was ticked that I showed up. If looks could kill. To make a long story short. There was this guy that managed this grocery store by my house and we had an attraction to each other. A couple times he tried to pursue me, but I got gun shy and walked away. I went back one day to make things right, and he left his job and transferred to another store. The last time I was in there before he was let go he gave me the cold shoulder and was distancing himself from me. Three months has gone by so I stopped in the new store on a limb not knowing if he would be there since it's Sunday. About a minute after I walked in he came around the corner and walked right towards me, and did not acknowledge me and looked mad that I was there. I was embarrassed so I left. Do you think he lost interest, was it the whole shunning thing, or is he embarrassed since he was demoted from Manager to Assistant Manager? Any thoughts on this and how I should pursue this guy?


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  • i think it was the whole shunning thing, you have asked this before right=

    i htink you should keep away from him

    • Right. You don't think I should continue to pursue him? Why should I stay away from him, just trying to show him a little interest?

    • i think you shouldnt, he is way too touchy

    • Could he have misinterpreted it for a game?

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  • I mean, you blew him off and rejected his advances, of course he's not happy with you.

    • Should I continue since he is not being receptive, or let it go all together?

    • Well you can, but you have a lot of work to do. He's not going to make any moves so your going to have to be very upfront with him. Even still, he might sense an ulterior motive since it might seem weird for a girl to just randomly change her opinion of a guy. You rejected him, mentally he's moving on.

  • He's mad at you because YOU gave him the cold shoulder first, use shy as your excuse but to him he thought it was rude, and I'd be mad too.

    • Does this mean he's done? Did it seem a bit stalkerish for me to show up at his store 3 months later?

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    • This is true for most guys, if a girl pisses me off I don't usually forgive and forget. However if you arrived at my door with a handful of flowers and chocolates and are really nice there's a really good chance that you'll win me over again, but hey that's just me lol.

      But he's made it obvious he doesn't want anything to do with you, move on...

    • Well, that's what I mean when I showed up again! It was like "hello" I'm here, and I had to drive a million miles away to get here. I asked about where you went? Wouldn't he have seen that as a hint? Nope. It was an opportunity, and at least I tried.

      I guess I have no choice, but to move on?

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  • well I think it was more about you not paying attention when he tried to pursue you.