How to get a curvy and sexy body like some females have?

I have a friend who can look sexy without dressing in a revealing way.I was wondering why but then I have noticed she looks good in every outfits she wears.She has big boobs and hips but small waist.Her legs are fine too.I tried hard working out but never get anything.She don't even work out and It looks like she eats a lot too.Does this has something to do with genetic or anything I can do to get a curve like her?


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  • Play up your shape. It sounds like she has an hourglass. She might have a different shape, as those with big busts are harder to tell their true shape. At any rate You should figure out what your specific shape is.

    Pear shapes are classified as having smaller bust and shoulders, with a lager hip base/butt and thicker legs.

    Banana shapes have roughly the same sized bust and hips with broad shoulders and less than 9" difference between the bust and hips.

    Apple shapes are classified as having a larger bust and shoulders with smaller hips and skinny legs.

    Hourglass shapes have roughly the same sized bust and hips with broad shoulders and more than 9" difference between their bust and waist.

    The reason hourglasses look effortlessly sexy/feminine, is due to the fact that they are already proportionate.

    Once you figure out your shape work on making your fashion proportionate.

    pear shapes should avoid skinny jeans, and use a flair leg. Add a ruffle top with a necklace and plunging v shaped neckline to draw attention UP toward the chest area.

    Banana shapes should stay away from masculine items and use belts to give themselves a more flattering figure. Belts will create a waistline, use peekaboo items like lace to also create a more feminine vibe.

    Apple shapes need proportion on the bottom. Use full skirts and patterned leggings to get a fun sexy vibe. Block solid colors on top of a colorful full skirt with contrasting leggings for a sexy fun outfit.

    Hourglass shapes can really wear anything.

    Everything is all about illusion. Hope this helps!


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  • Honestly having curves like that comes at a price :(I'm curvy naturally and yeah guys seem to like my body, but when you gain weight you DO gain weight! And it does happen :( lol

    To answer your question Victoria Secret has a couple really nice bras that will act as a push up and give you an increase of about 2 cup sizes! There are exercises you can do to strengthen your hip/butt region and that may increase the size.

    Just remember everyone is different! My friend is a size 2, 32a and guys adore her, I would LOVE to have her body...we all want what we can't have sometimes.

    Good luck!


  • this is mainly in the genes, altho you can easily dress to create the illusion of curves if you want:)

    iv got a similar body type and I agree with krissykarma when she said that weight piling on becomes a problem...

    if you want to increase the mass of certain areas such as your butt and boobs, I think there are exercises like squats and benchpress that you could do, but unfortunately the curviness is a genetic thing.

    dressing to create the illusion is pretty fun:) try it=]

  • Yes. It does have to do with genetics. I'm naturally curvy and so are the women I. My family. But that doesn't mean you can't get curvy too! Its all about what you wear and working out certain body parts. Squats and lunges are your friends. Do some ab workouts to get a flatter stomach. That will accentuate your hips and waist which will make you look curvy.

    If you can't get curvy don't worry. God made each of us different for a reason. Maybe try embracing what God has given you and understand that some women would kill to have a slimmer body.

  • i think it is all on how her body structure is I don't think you can do anything about it

  • Ask her what she do

  • well I think you would need surgery to make your boobs or butt bigger.

  • You can't. You either have that shape or you don't.