Can constant eye contact tell that a boy likes you?

There is this boy in my class who always stares at me and I want to know if he likes me. does anyone got any suggestions


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  • My advice ta you is jus ask him, believe me if you jus assume and never ask it will come out bad you'll end up sayin sumn embarrassing or jus plain out stupid which if he does like you will probably f*** that all up

    • Totally right.

    • Well, I have this guy I asked him what was this staring about...was it because I stare or something else. He actually didn't answer, just said he can't give me answer right now, cause he is confused (maybe he wasn't expecting that I will approach him so directly)...I don't know what does it mean and I still can assume everything. O boy, these guys are sometimes really strange.

  • It's definitely possible. Like he may be to shy to talk to you or approach you, and the eye contact is used a lot by shy guys.


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