Why is she like this

I have been chasing this girl for 5 months. Never chased this long in my life but I felt like it was so worth it. I have a strong feeling she likes me by the way she relates but it seems like she always plays hard to get. I finally decided to move on and I told her friend that. I avoided the girl for 2 weeks then I saw her. She almost cut all her hair off and dyed it blonde? She also could not make eye contact with me and kept looking at the floor. Went up to her later and she was frozen in place looking into my eyes speechless. She didn't say a word until I smiled? Maybe I am over thinking but I Haven't seen her act like this. The one girl she hates is now trying so amazingly hard to get my attention all of a sudden.


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  • i think you should really try and tlak to her now becuase she's really interested now,

    • Why would she cut all her hair off? Such a drastic change.

  • well she's interested now. she nows she's loosing you and she doesn't want to.


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