My best guys friend hugs me from behind and carries me bridal style?!

So I was at a mutual friends party and it started to storm. I changed out of my swimsuit and into a hoodie and jeans. He was still in his trunks and he ran outside, getting soaked and ran inside and hugged me from behind. He also put his chin on my head (he's 6'3", I'm 4'11"). At school(did I mention were both going into 8th grade.) he always waves to me and pets my hair. At the party (before the storm) he was carrying me around bridal style in the water. After the storm, but too cold to swim, he told me to jump into his arms, so I did. And he spun me around (bridal style) a few times before putting me down. What does this mean?!


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  • I think he was flirting with you and having fun at the same time.It also shows that you trust him to carry you.It seems like you and him have a nervy strong and trusting friendship. Could somethign romantically be their?Maybe it can turn into something more. Maybe he could secretly like you more then a friend.

    • I asked him who he liked and he said some girl I've never heard of so...

    • Thanks for selecting my answer as the best answer. Getting back to that guy. So you asked him who he liked and I can't believe he said some girl. I'm thinking maybe it can still be possible he can secretly like you without telling you. You probably caught him off guard and he didn't know what to say.If he mentioned a girl that you never heard off then it sounds like the girl is fake.His logic seems flawed since he was flirting with you.

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