Why do I keep getting rejected on myspace?

and should I be upset about this? this is the fourth time I've messaged a guy on myspace, FROM MY SCHOOL that I was interested in, and they've read it and didn't reply me. so it makes me feel like wtff, do I not look good enough or what? its really getting me down.

and ughh I'll just put a picture of myself so you won't all just assume I'm butt ugly and that's the reason.



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  • I don't know what their problem is you look stunning your eyes and smile,and everrthing is so sexy I wish I was them.

    Dont be worried about yourself you look great don't let this put you down babe with confidence trust me you just have not found the write person yet.

    snowflake xx


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  • you look vey nice...

    forget them they are all jerks..

    cute neckleaceee

  • lol you're not butt ugly, but do you often find yourself initiating the conversation all the time? because it's possible they're just annoyed or simply aren't in the mood to talk?

    being a bitch could be a factor too, but I doubt you are one lool

    • Well with one of them, I just said 'heyy' and that was the first time I ever tried to talk to him. and I KNOW he's seen me at school. with the other three, it was like the second or third time I tried to start a conversation with them that they decided not to respond. but idk, do you think there could be any way for me to fix this?

    • Talk to them in person a lot more, and you'll most certainly get their attention once they realize you're an interesting girl. ;)

  • Are you kidding girl, your gorgeous. Don't let it get you down honey...I don't have the answer your looking for but...