Is it just in my head..or do you think this lady meant something bad?

My boyfriend and I made plans to do something today since it's both of our days off and we haven't a chance to spend time together. Usually I like to dress nice when I go out with my boyfriend because it's just a once in a while thing. I wore a pink skater dress(u can look it up on and some mid size wedge heels.We were at the arcade and usually I don't always play right away I usually watch my boyfriend and other people play and then I will decide if I want to and what not. Another couple came next to us. The guy was average and the girl was more heavyset. My boyfriend is average and I guess people say I'm not big but I grew up being the (fatgirl'. I wear size 7/8 jeans... The woman that works there said to my boyfriend that he should pay attention to me more because I look bored. Then the guy with his girlfriend said to my boyfriend "youre the one with the keys, you leave when you're ready." Then we moved to another area just because we were trying out whatever games we can before we leave to go home..the lady that works there passes by us and said to my boyfriend "i told you to go pay attention to her and here you are gambling again"...also she was very softspoken and seemed like a sweet woman to me. Although, I felt insecure maybe she's talking about my dress...I am 5'0 so could she have been just being nice or was she staying something towards my dress or am I just being too pranoid..I asked my boyfriend hoping my dress wasn't too short but he said it's because I looked good and all those sweet things..but maybe he's being nice because I'm his he and he doesn't really bother him..I felt a little shy away because I'd never wear something so revealing but maybe my dress really was too short.. :/ I'd never wear this dress again if that's the case..


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  • I'm sure the dress looked amazing on you, And if you are 5'0 the dress couldn't have been that short. I Wouldn't worry about the lady :)

    • Aww you are too sweet thanks so much :)