Do you find people look at you while you're reading?

:) okay, a bit of a weird one. I am a avid reader and often read on the train in the mornings and whenever I look up, I notice a guy is staring at me. This has happened quite a few times now so I'm wondering if these guys have just zoned out or what? As soon as I look up they look away real quickly.

Thanks! xxx


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  • lmao ya. I hate it when people try to read my stuff too.. get your own damn book! idk. I figure books these days are rare. everyone's always using some kind of technology instead. so either they're amazed by presence of a book, they've zoned out, or they think you're attractive.

    • Very true - I never thought that might be it! These are sad times indeed if a book has become a rare object! Thanks for your answer tho...glad I am not alone on this :)

    • definitely not alone :) but yea... I don't know how anyone can give up a good paperback... books are awesome :D

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  • Aw, they have a crush on you! They look at you because you're easy to look at. Next time, just smile and wave.


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