What do you (guys) think of push up swim suits?

So I'm going to the beach with my boyfriend tomorrow and I'm not sure what swim suit to wear. I'm missing the bottoms to my favorite one, so I have to either wear my blue bikini that has awkward padding (it's a push up), or mismatch my purple bikini top with the bottoms to that blue swim suite.

Do you think push up swim suits make girls look fake? I don't want to gross out my boyfriend, or make him feel ashamed that his girlfriend looks trashy. The only reason I own this push up swim suit is because I ordered it online not knowing it was a push up.

Do you think I should mismatch purple top with blue bottoms, or wear the blue bikini set that has a push up top? I don't want to look skanky or trashy...


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  • Push up swimsuits seem unnecessary. I'd just wear the mismatched swimsuit


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  • I think bikinis with push up top look a little wierd...

    And the moment you get out of water, it may make trouble for you.

  • I don't think they care much.

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