Are old people really that sick in the head?

I was talking to this guy who is really old and married and he told me that he was talking to this girl online and how she's sending him naughty photos.

He's done this multiple times with different women on the internet. He shows me a photo and says she sent him all types of pictures and that they have talked. I could have sworn he sent money to one too. The girls he's shown me photos of look like 9's and 10's and he clearly stands no chance with them and keeps talking to them over the net. I am insisting that they are just cam girls who look to lure guys into private shows where they ask for CC numbers. Yet he thought one was going to move in with him that he's never even met before.

Latest is that he is trying to track down where one of them lives(I don't want to know what for!). He has emailed different girls over the net overtime and watched them on camera and stuff. Yet he's gotta be well over 50 years old. What gives?


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  • i only have a problem with him being married and wanting to find the women and move in. that's motherf***ing cheating. but,as far as the girls being 10's goes,and him looking at the pictures-he's just a horny old man,let him be,people don't magically become attracted to whatever age they are,most are attracted to people that are at their prime.

    • Yea but what about talking to them over the net and trying to find out where they live?

    • that is cheating and it's delusional-but,he's old,old people tend to get delusional,he might be yearning for his youth,but he should be kept grounded,hell just get hurt.

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  • Only problem I see with this guy is the married part. If he was single and 70 I wouldn't care who he was chatting with or doing with other single adult women online or in person as it is none of your business or mine.

    • Yea I wish I didn't have to hear about it. He's been coming to me for months with this information and it is just disturbing.

    • Just tell him to shut the hell up about his elicit love life that you don't care to hear about.

  • Sounds like a sick bastard

  • I deal with guys this age and older every day at my work. Usually as the woman gets in her 50's..her sex drive goes way down. But a guy in his 50's stays high. More than likely his wife is not interested in sex any more. The guys I work with have told me their wife won't give them any sex. They are all really horny and are hoping to get laid.

  • Reminds me of that movie where the old guy finds the girl, and takes her to Europe to rape her or something. My jr. High made me watch some movie other this so it doesn't happen . I'm thankful for it.


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  • If they are cam girls he'll probably never be able to contact them for real ;)

    Also if he's telling the truth about himself to those girls (assuming they are not cam girls) then he's just cheating on his wife unless they have an understanding between them in place.

    Now I've never got on cam chats and stuff but do they send across pics of themselves?

    Who says with age one should lever down on sex if they still got libido, strength and will for it. If there were a 50+ yo woman who's horny, I won't call it a perversion.

    Unless this guy is trying to lure innocent girls for sex or whatever by giving them wrong ideas and information while toeing the line of legality, what he does with his life is his personal problem.

    Why do all of us get so bothered with what other people do and thus increasing our own misery.

    How did you manage to start chatting him up about girls and stuff in 1st place ;)

    • He outright finds me when I'm minding my own business and just starts spewing out this information.

      When I see the photos of the girls he brings up to me it's instantly obvious that they are phony girls who he'll never meet. Then he tells me he runs their phone numbers through some tracker thing to find out where they live. That's the part that is creepy to me. He asked me for my phone number to try it and I gave him a fake one.

    • 1. Vamoose from that guy for one :)

      2. Maybe he's lost his abilities and satisfies himself with the talk / showing off etc

      3. Maybe he's looking for a younger partner to talk to that gratifies his ego and also sexually. Maybe he's looking for a younger partner to perform & him to watch etc

      4. Maybe he's either gay or bi or bicurious

      5. Maybe sexuality wasn't the game at all - for some reason he wanted your phone number and details

      6. Maybe he's either plainly loony or a con :)