What do girls look for in guys?

I want to impress this girl but nervous about even talking to her help me


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  • Just be fun to be around, make her laugh, be honest, caring, sweet, trustworthy... And well be a gentleman then she'll see what a great catch you are and want you to be her man.

    • May I ask what your relationship is with the lady in question, are you friends, do you two hang out?

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    • Sorry pressed submit when I wasn't meant to. Anyway when he says she likes a movie just say you and your friends are going to watch it and she'd be more than welcome to join you guys. You need to find a way to start spending (more) time with her then slowly start showing interest in her. Do fun things with her fairs, movies, bowling, paintballing, dirt tracks, road trips. Anything that you two will have fun doing do it. I'll make her happy and she'll like having you around but you also need to

    • Show her your interested in being more than just her friend.

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  • Well not everyone is the same but me I like a dominant in control man that knows what he wants confident and I like em a little older. So don't be shy

  • Handsome


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