Going on a pretty long trip. PACKING ADVICE :)

I am going on a trip that will last about 60 days and I want advice on how much to pack. I am flying.

Anything will be greatly appreciated

thanks, Jesse


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  • i would bring my make up, my personal care stuffs, change of clothes, somethign to read, my I pod, my phone...

  • Pick enough outfits that you aren't going to get bored, a pair of comfy shoes, and a pair of dressy ones. Are you going to be staying in the states? If so don't over do it on the soap/toothpaste/mouth wash. You can buy those here in the states. If you are going out of the country, bring it all :) I went to Jordan for a summer and I missed toilet paper. Bring a book to read, your ipod, and some snacks.