If you think heels are slutty, why?

why do you think heels are slutty? how can an inanimate object have animate behaviors? explain this to me

im talking about the shoes, not the back of your foot, lol


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  • I think it totally depends on how you wear them.

    Short skirt + heels = slutty.

    Nice blouse + skinny jeans = classy.

    Cute summer dress + heels = classy.

    It's all in the outfit.

    • i don't understand though...why can something inanimate have an animate attribute?

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    • they're not practical to wear everyday

    • Exactly, that's my point lol

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  • I really don't understand why people like high heels. They look stupid, make tons of noise and damage the wearers feet. Why anyone would wear a shoes that is constantly causing physical damage to your body is baffling. THEY ARE NOT SEXY AT ALL!

    The reason why people think of them as slutty is the association with prostitutes. Ask people what shoes a prostitute wears and the most common answer would be high heels. Also, there is no useful function in a high heel. They cause pain and discomfort and make it harder to walk properly, so the only reason a person would wear them is to look like a prostitute or at least give the impression that they are looking for sex.

    If high heels were an intelligent and logical shoe to wear, all men would have them too. Think about it...

    • Could be.

      Alternatively, it may be that most men find the illusion of longer legs, narrower ankles, more shapely calves and a more protruding ass attractive.

    • THEY ARE VERY SEXY. Saying they are slutty because prostitutes wear them is just moronic, models wear them too are they slutty?

      Reason guys don't wear them is because they're feminine, girls don't want guys to wear them. Will look horrible guys wearing them, girls have body to wear such shoes. Its same as guys removing their body hair, its not masculine to girls.

    • men were the ones who originally wore heels, not women. women feminized them

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