Girls, can you help me figure this girl out?

there is this waitress at a restaurant I eat at frequently. I started to noticed one time when I seen her, we made eye contact and she quickly looked down at the floor and a split second later she looked at me again with no smile. I seen her today and as I walked in I had two friends with me and she looked straight at me and asked how many were in my party she didn't even look at my friends. we sat down and a few minutes later me and her made eye contact and she smiled as making eye contact. she past again and she looked at me and looked down and to the left at the floor. When we left I walked back to her and gave her a tip, she gave me what seemed like a forced smile but didn't look at me in the face. What's up with her?


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  • It sounds like she's interested but it's hard to be sure without seeing the interaction.


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