Anyone explain this feeling?

Hey guys! So I'm in a happy relationship with my girlfriend for about 9 months now, and yesterday I had this kind of amazing feeling. Let me describe it to you.

So we were out for brunch with some friends after a night out and I just looked at her and was instantly mesmerized. She has gorgeous hazel eyes and I was just captivated by them. I couldn't explain it. She looked so beautiful I just couldn't take my eyes off her for the rest of that afternoon. It almost felt like I was crushing on her all over again. Sorry if this doesn't make sense to some of you guys, but to those that it does make sense to, what do you think?

Thanks! ^_^


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  • butterflys in your stomach!


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  • I think that's called fuzzy funny bunny syndrome. I suggest seeing a doctor... if you start seeing spots you're done for!

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