When a guy looks at a girl...

So I think I might have lost a chance of talking to a pretty good looking guy today.

We were walking past each other on the street when I caught him looking at me, slightly smiling I think.

However, insecure me thought he might just be making fun of me (you know how it is, sometimes people just laugh at you).

But then again I also thought that maybe he wasn't laughing at me, maybe he wanted to talk to me. However in that second I got embarassed and looked away. He then went past me without saying anything.

So my question is: how to know whether a guy is looking at a girl because he's interested or because he was judging her and is silently mocking her?

Do adult men still make fun of a stranger's looks?


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  • I don't think a guy would look at you like that unless he found you good looking.


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  • and some people check you out too... but on the whole no people don't take the piss out of how strangers look

  • Most adult men would not be laughing at a woman no matter how she looked or dressed. They've matured and learned to be respectful. Now if this was a young guy late teens early twenties that's 50/50 as to what there thinking.

    • no, he was an adult, in his 20s.

    • Well my answer would be that he thought you were pretty and hoped you found him pretty as well and look at him so he could make a snap decision to find a way to talk to you to get to know you .

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