People with stretched ears only

i currently have a 2g and I can't decide if I should buy more tunnels for it

right now I wear steel tunnel with clear gems encrusted in it


-would printed plugs look weird

-would white plugs (with a middle heart cutout) look cute

-what do you think of colored plugs/tunnels?

keep in mind that I'm a light skinned black girl and that I always wear silver (my two other ear piercings, my industrial, and my cartilage) so would those look weird with silver? should I stick with ALL silver ear jewelry?


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  • I would typically change my piercings around due to my mood or the colors I were wearing. Recently I went on this red-and-black kick so I sometimes used black studs on my lips and different color gauges on my ear. I'm black also, and I could pull of colors, and since you're a girl you could definitely pull them off.

    I would just buy a different array of pieces anyway...for just-in-case moments. I never really cared for silver jewelry anyway unless it was for my lips.


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