Caked on makeup vs Natural looking makeup

Why is it that girls who cake on the makeup usually get noticed more than girls whose makeup is more natural?

With girls whose makeup is more natural, you know what you're getting. Girls who cake on the makeup are a wild card, and the next morning you may wake up to a girl who was a 10 at the bar, but a 5 now. Plus you may have to wash your pillows a few times to get all the makeup off.

I'm not saying that girls who don't wear makeup are better, I'm saying that there's different levels of intensity when it comes to makeup. "Enhancing" vs. "Creating" and what would make you choose one over the other?


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  • Hmm...let's see.



    Same girl in both photos but which do you notice more? One is bold, bright, and "in your face" and the other is more relaxed, laid back, and subtle. Obviously the bold one will receive more attention (now whether that attention is good or bad depends on the person). And guys who are just looking for a one night stand will more than likely go for the most obviously "good looking" girl in the room. Makeup does a great job of covering imperfections and letting someone "stand out" in the crowd. Natural makeup can also cover imperfections but it's much more subtle and not as noticeable as heavy makeup is. That's why the girls who wear more typically get noticed more.

    *note: I am speaking in GENERAL, obviously this is not the case for everyone and plenty of women who wear natural makeup get noticed and get guys too. I'm just saying, typically the women who wear more will attract the most guys in the club (or where ever she happens to be).

    I also find it amusing how men say they prefer "little or no makeup" yet if you ask them to post a picture of a girl with "little to no makeup", it will be a picture of a woman clearly wearing makeup. If most men saw a girl with genuinely NO makeup on, they would more than likely not be attracted to her. Just my opinion.


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  • personally I like VERY little makeup more is not better for me, it is actually much much worse. that being said you asked why theyre noticed more? probly because they stick out more... to me its not attractive but to some guys it might be


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  • Lol, it's incredibly easy to trick guys (or anyone, really) into think you're pretty when really, you're not so pretty. They're easily fooled by loads of makeup.

  • Because you can seeeee the layers.