Why didn't they boys say hi to me?

i wen to the kenny chesney concert yesterday and I meet up with my friends I was with my aunt and her friend. and my friends were by themselves...so I got a text saying(cute boys in front of us!)so I get over there. I sit at the end of the row of them. so this lady got done singing and the lights turned on and the guys turned around shook hands with the my 3 friends...NOT ME! so they block me out with the girl sitting next to me turned her back there laughing hysterically.. and like 10 20 minutes later my friend turns around and says oh this is alex. and then they say hi.? but my question is: why didn't they say hi to me? am I that ugly? I thought I looked better than my friends? what made me so unattractive to them?


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  • Maybe they didn't realize you were with them? I don't think it was because they thought you were unattractive you are very pretty!


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  • Damn, you are not 10. Learn to spell. I barely managed to read that post without wanting to stab my eye out.

    To answer your question:

    1. Not everyone will find you attractive.

    2. They could have been trying to make you jealous (and it worked).

    3. Maybe the sensed your ego and just didn't want to deal with that.

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