How would you go about tweaking my style?

If you could take any part of my style and tweak it, which parts would you tweak and why? (how would you 'improve' my look if it were up to you?)



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  • I am certainly not a expert, but I have a few suggestions. To tweak your style without really changing it I would suggest unrolling your shirt sleeves. Either tuck shirt in, or leave it unbuttoned so we can see your belt buckle. A belt is one of the few accessories guys get, and I like to use it. As it stands now we can't see your belt at all. I think you need to work on your color coordination. The colors look pretty boring to me and just seem to blend together so much that you don't stand out at all.


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  • 1. Lose weight.

    2. Longer hair

    3. Other colors than brown, which washes you out so much you hardly show up on film.

    4. The crossed arms make you look like you've just lost your virginity with a call girl.

  • looks good already. a belt, and a cheap necklace would do. I always get comments on my necklace and I usually like to keep it under my shirt.

  • lose weight

    longer hair

    pose better lol you kinda look like a bouncer...

    then dressing a bit better with clothes tht fit you better...