What unnatural colored looks good with dark/black kinky hair?

So I don't know if I want to get streaks , dye a patch in the front or just dye some of my ends, but I know I want it to be a unnatural color like pink link , green link , blue link , or purple link . this is my hair link



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  • I think either pink or purple would look the best on you. You should steer away from green and blue, I don't think those colors look good on anyone's hair. But a dark pink or purple would look great in my opinion:)

    • I do like blue and green, but not everyone can pull them off. Sucks because they are my favorite colors lol but thank you

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    • Thanks a lot !

    • No problem:)

  • Hmmm, colors everyone should avoid are orange, blue(any shade), green and the poor attempt of yellow

    I'll say maybe purple. I think most girls with dark hair can rock purple. Blond and red hair not so much.

    • 2 votes for purple. I just might go with purple. Really I like all the colors so it doesn't matter to me. Thank you

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