Eye Makeup tricks for hooded eyes?

I have hooded eyes and thick glasses so my eyes kind of disappear. I can't fix the glasses, my eyesight is rather terrible. I've asked about contacts and surgery. Can't get contacts as it's considered a hazard with my job and my doctor says I have to wait another 4-6 years before he'll recommend surgery. So I'm looking for makeup tricks I can use to brighten my eyes up a bit. I've switched to less bulky frames which helped a lot but there's still room for improvement. Any suggestions? There's a picture in my gallery, if that helps (no makeup on at all). I am allergic to a lot of makeup but I've found a few things that work (organic makeup lines like Faerie and Physicians Formula).


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  • I am half Asian and I have fully hooded eyes. First, I wanna say that hooded eyes are absolutely gorgeous and we are the only people that can truly pull off the "death stare". Anyways, on the inner half of the lid, use a color 2 or more shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Then, take a very neutral colored eyeshadow (maybe a matte that matches your skintone) and sweep it all the way across your eyelid area. So pretty much everything except right under the brows (where your highlight shade goes). then, take a contour shade and sweep it no more than halfway across your lids in your crease.

    Eyeliner can really bring out your eyes, but winged liner especially is harder to do on hooded eyes. First start with tight lining your eyes. Also, eyeliner on the bottom works WONDERS. Lining thinly below your waterline halfway across your eyes makes them look much bigger.

    If you're going for an au naturale look, then just slap a neutral shadow on the lid, highlight the brow bone, tightline, mascara, (optional) line the bottom, and BAM.


    when I first started learning makeup for my eyes, it was so hard and stressful. I was bad at it and my hooded eyes made it much more challenging. But, after learning how to apply eye makeup correctly, I decided to work with it, not against it. I had considered surgery, but after time, I learned that hooded eyes are beautiful and they give you that signature unique look... a sense of mystery. People always tell me "you have eyes like Jennifer Lawrence". what they do not realize is that Jennifer Lawrence has hooded eyes as well, and that's what is unique about her eyes that they recognize in mine.

    anyways, sorry for babbling. Good luck :)


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  • link here is a link to many YouTube tutorial, I hope one helps.

  • darker colors in the crease the eye would help for whatever you are trying to achieve.

  • shading in the crease