So I'm an outgoing guy, why is it attractive girls are reserved with me?

I'm a pretty fun, outrageous character. People like having me around. Often when I go out to places, I can be the talk of the area. I'm not arrogant, just personified. Whenever I chat with people, we have a good time, or make jokes and so on. But whenever its with an attractive girl things seem different. They just aren't so interested in me, or they seem like they keep or hold back. That isn't true of every girl, just ones that are "the thing". Why is that? Is it my problem? Do I have something subconsciously happening I'm not realizing?


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  • Speaking from my own personal opinion:

    It's hard to trust such an outgoing guy. Plus, sometimes you might come off as obnoxious.

    You say you notice this off-putting behavior from good looking women. It could be one of two things:

    1. Maybe you only pay attention to the good looking women and fail to realize most women, average looking or gorgeous looking, react the same way towards you.

    2. Really attractive girls know they have the looks as another "weapon in their arsenal". For that reason, maybe they are more cautious about who gets to be "a part of their lives," and feel you are not someone they want to be romantically involved with. Why would they not want to be involved with you? From personal experience, I do not find guys with extreme swagger to be attractive.

    • I think they all act pretty similar, but the pretty or cute girls are the only ones that really do the "Aw he's cute" response back to me. I don't come off with extreme swagger, I think.

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  • You may be treating them differently than other girls that are not "the thing" which could subcommunicate that you are not "the thing" to them--seeking their approval with verbal statements, giving them an overabundance of eye contact, leaning in to hear what they have to say, agreeing with what they say when you don't really, etc.