Interview for a job as tutor? I wanna look nice but not overdressed

i just received an invitation from an institute of my uni to a group interview with other applicants who want to become a tutor...

it will be in the afternoon in one week and it will be about 25 degrees hot and I wanna look nice but not overdressed

option a

[IMG] link

option b


so above you see my favourites the red dress and the polka dot dress (it is not exactly the same but simiar, the sleeves on my dress are shorter and the cleavage is a bit wider) but I can`t really decide...

also what do you think they will ask for?

something about the institute itself? about my motivation? about international business (that`s the institutes specialisation)?

  • Red dress
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  • Blue polka dot dress
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  • Neither, you need be more casual. Just wear comfortable skirt or jeans, with a good top. If you want dress then tone it down a bit, because you have to at least give some what professional image. You have to look the part.

    Well it could be practically anything, but do show you are interested in the institution and have good knowledge about what they do, what the stand for etc. They might ask for things like why you want to be a tutor, or why you'd be a good tutor, or what kind of qualities do you have relevant to this opportunity. Where you see yourself in five years etc.


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  • They'll want to know if you have any experience in teaching or tutoring, first of all. They'll want to know if you have done group collaborative work in other settings.

    As for the dress, the red one is a bit more professional, but you'll still get a lot of attention, just because it's red! go with it.

  • I think the style of the red dress is better for the interview and it looks longer, but like the other girl said the color is more formal. I think the polka dot dress would be good paired with tights/pantyhose to look more professional and maybe a cardigan/jacket of some kind.


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  • Maybe the polkadot with the cardigan or something to make it a bit more formal. Red might be too "sexy" color for an interview, it gives more of a "going on a date" or "going out" feeling. Colors have a lot of psychology behind it. Red makes your hard pup just a bit faster, it might be seen as an aggressive or sexual color. Blue is more calming and a "friendlier" color. You might want to appear more "calm" than "sexy" if your intention are to become a tutor.

    I really don't know what question they might ask. Some of the "common" questions are "why did you apply to this please" and "do you know about our institution? "what does it men to be a tutor to you?" "where do you see your self in X years" etc. Try to think of something that might not be so commonly answered to these questions. If it is in a weeks time, take one day and just think WHY do you want to become a tutor. Who inspired you, how your job life will be and what it means to you to be a tutor. You might want to write down pros an cons of being a tutor. It might impress the interviewers to know that you have considered the negative aspects of this type of job as well, but still want to pursue it.