Shoulder injury... Looking for better flexibility ? !

I broke my shoulder when I was 16. Worked through it and have rehabilitated it and its fine for most movements. Pull ups are great, overhead press are not bad at all. I broke the humerus behind the back.

What I'm having problems in is OHS and snatch. My left shoulder comes down while in the squat position which forces the bar to drop. My left arm does not get fully behind the ear in over head position. My press is not a problem as much because while standing I can still get overhead to inline with ears. As you know if you snatch or overhead squat when you are squatted your arms go behind the ears/head a bit.

I need people with experience in this subject as I've tried all the general stuff to increase mobility. Dislocators, stretches, and light dumbbell movements for the rotator.


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  • Try yoga to help out with tha

    • I do. However I'm no "yogi" I basically just do all the stretches without the ideology.

      I've achieved greater flexibility by doing upside down stretching with a rebo bar. It loosened up my shoulder and I can now do OHS and snatches but need to keep working on it. Not perfect.

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