What kind of jewelry do I wear with this?!

so I bought this dress in the link below for my boyfriend's sister's wedding. love the dress, but I'm at a loss on how I should accessorize it... pearls? long/short? and how about bracelets? note: I don't have my ears pierced.


also, any advice on shoes? can I go with ivory or white shoes? or should they def be black? thanks!


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  • firstly, I must say that this is a lovely dress!

    im guessing your thinking of keeping it classy since your going to a wedding,

    ok so for a necklace, since the neckline isn't too open, its good to go with a short necklace or even a choker, like link or link

    bracelets would match the style of the necklace so it looks like a set=]

    na you already have a lot of black on the dress, I reckon an ivory shoe would look sexy, something like this:


    or if you don't wanna shoe your toes, link

    hope they help somewhat=]


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  • short necklace. Could be pearls, could be something like link

    You want one that sits about an inch below your collarbones, not too close to the top of the dress, just kind of sitting in that square of skin.

    Dark pearls would look good.

    One bracelet in a similar 'weight' would be nice but not needed.

    Have fun at the wedding.


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  • Shiny black heels & an elegant clutch?

    I'm not too sure about what kinds of bracelets so I went with a clutch instead & I didn't want to suggest a necklace since there is a lot of detail up top plus a high neckline.

    Maybe shiny black bracelets. :P I don't think they have to be chunky, can probably be delicate too.